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Breaking News  April 5th
Join us for WORSHIP!  We will sing, pray and hear the Word! 
Satan will not stop our service to the King! 
Pastor David will bring part 2 of the Series:  Rated R Sermon.
On March 31st, The Governor of North Carolina and Local Sheriff’s have also recognized that having “drive in church” was an acceptable alternative for having church; as long as people REMAIN IN THEIR VEHICLES AND DO NOT TOUCH OR INTERACT PHYSICALLY.  In other words, as long as we practice “social distancing” which means remaining no less than 6 feet apart, but in this case, remaining in our vehicles.  So this is good news. We will be reporting more concerning grace family fellowship in the next couple of days. 
This video I am sharing is more important than “Bible Prophecy”, predictions, or conspiracy theories… It is a word from the LORD for TODAY. Not for tomorrow. So I would encourage you to watch or LISTEN. It WILL encourage you and bring HEALING. The power of God’s word. Thank you Dr. Tony Evans for this timely message from God’s word.
Dr. Tony Evans has a “fireside chat” with us from his living room. But the message is powerful and encouraging! Enjoy!

Breaking news
Sunday Morning, April 5th, our small crew will lead us in worship and bring a word from the Lord. Come join us on Facebook LIVE. Let’s have CHURCH!  ONLINE!
Always check back on this page for more updates daily!
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Breaking News:
North carolina news:  the Gov. has issued a manditory stay at home order for any none essentials starting Monday, March 30th. Stay Safe and Well in Jesus name!
On March 27, The Senate and House passed a stimulus package that will bring relief to Families, individuals, small businesses, Hospitals, States, Airlines and more.  It will be the largest relief package ever and a first of its kind. President Trump is expected to sign this Bi-partisan relief Bill. We don’t know what the lasting effects will be on the nation, but popular opinion is that it can’t be good long term.  But for now, as we find ourselves in the middle of a pandemic and many businesses have been forced to close and layoff workers, it is going to be a welcome help! Stay tuned for more.
This week, the president declared a desire for this American closer to be over and for people to be able to go back to work and for churches to be Full, by EASTER SUNDAY. Let us stand in agreement with that hope and prayer. Let’s pray that God continues to show Himself faithful as the church prays! 
During this Time Of uncertainty because of the Corona Virus or Covid-19…Many are having to cancel church or use precautions because of the potential of spreading this very contagious Virus that has caused a Pandemic in our Nation. 
But don’t loose heart. 
WE are here for you! 
If you are unable to attend church, we are providing a way for you to continue to stay connected.  Just make sure you have “Liked” our Grace Family Fellowship FACEBOOK page and you are all set.  If you need help navigating there or setting things up please let us know.  you can call Pastor David at 1-(252) 430-9491
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You will be notified when we go live. Also Pastor David will be doing some special broadcasts during certain times of the week to hopefully help get us through this crazy time.  But our Trust is in the Lord!
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