How to witness to a person using Biblical Evangelism
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Learn Some Scriptures to use while witnessing:
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This encounter is a tough one.
Why the Sinners Prayer is Not Enough. 
From 15 year old doubter to Relationship with Christ:
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Why being a good person will not get you to Heaven. How to explain it to someone. Easily. 
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Articles on Witnessing and Sharing Your FAITH
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In this Video you will observe Ray witness to a Hardened Atheist (second man in video) covering:
1. How to avoid Death.
2. The Dangers of Sin.
3. Sharing the Gospel.
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In This video, you will see Kanye confess that Jesus is the King. And watch Ray use the Prodigal Son Witness example and a young man accepts Christ; coming home to the Father. Praise The Lord!
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