6 Knowing the All Knowing God Lesson 6

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God is not only deep, wide, high, and boundlessly unlimited: He Knows the entirety of the universe completely…every detail, and does not even have to put forth an effort to keep up with all of it. God can remember how many hairs are on everyone’s head easier than you can remember your own name! 
God knows us FAR better than we know ourselves. This translates into us being able to trust Him with…”us”!  You can trust God with “you” more than you can trust “you” with YOU! 
Judgment Application:
God cannot be taught, debriefed, counseled, informed, instructed, or shown a greater understanding of anything…because He already knows ALL...Completely! So when He judges, it is explicitly fair! He cannot miss understand. He cannot be mislead. He cannot be persuaded to believe a lie. He knows the facts inside and out so clearly that all others that have knowledge look empty compared to His understanding.  .

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