5 Knowing the Almighty Week/Lesson5 Behold Your God The Weigth of Majesty

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Beginning Thought:
Do not limit the Power of the Almighty God, by only looking at what you have experienced!  This is idolatry.
God’s power is always present at its fullest! 
When you pray, all prayers are offered in the presence of His omnipotence (All-potency). 
Are there things God cannot do? 
God cannot sin!
God cannot lie or contradict Himself.
God cannot fail in His purposes.
God cannot be tempted nor can he tempt others with sin.
These divine limitations are not an expression of weakness, but are the proof that His power is united to His moral perfection.

That is how God can be both Merciful and Just at the same time.  He contains ALL Power – so He is able to be morally perfect in His judgment, but also has the power and right to provide the answer to His wrath; thus JESUS CHRIST! WOW what a wonderful ALMIGHTY we serve!
Our Sin:
In the Church, our real time sin is living in doubt. Even when we say: God is Almighty, if we are not living as though He is who He says He is, we are living in sin. Who are we to doubt the GOD of the Universe? Who are we to say that He is limited? Who are we to say that He can’t use us to do supernatural and amazing things…despite how we see ourselves?  These “internal” sins can actually be more deadly in the church than the “external” sins we so often love to point out in the world around us.
“Sin is what you do when your heart is not satisfied with God. No one sins out of duty. We sin because it holds out some promise of happiness. That promise enslaves us until we believe that God is more to be desired than life itself (Psalm 63:3). Which means that the power of sin’s promise is broken by the power of God’s.”

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