Behold Your God 3 The Weigth of Majesty Week 3

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Beginning Thoughts:

“You are a sea without a shore, A sun without a sphere; Your time is now and evermore, Your place is everywhere.” – John Mason
Day 1 – God is without limit! He cannot increase or decrease…He is perfect! All of His attributes are equally unlimited and work in harmony with each other perfectly. That is why the Word can say about God in Romans 8:28 that God causes all things to work together for our good and His glory (for those who love Him and live according to His purposes).
Awe Factor with God: (Day 2)
A new appreciate for Grace is discovered in week 3 as we see a new angle of Grace. God’s Truth (unmovable and set in stone), based on absolute FACT and PERFECTION; combined with God’s Love (unconditional and all-encompassing), expressed ultimately through Jesus, the Christ; the God-Man and Son-of-Man… When all of this is brought harmoniously together –> creates GRACE!
– Without truth, grace would be turned into a sentimentalized religion in which we use God’s love for self-indulgence.

– Without grace, truth would present us with an unbearable reflection of our spiritual pollution and God’s relentless rage against every sin.

God’s grace, His truth followed hard by His love, creates an undeserved favor that is constantly poured out on my life, mind, actions, decisions…even the consequences of my actions are covered by ever refreshing waves of God’s Grace; all because He loves me! All because Jesus died to take the punishment for my failed choices. The reality of the waves or domino effect of my failed choices are overwhelming…but where sin is great, Grace is greater. Where the consequences of my iniquity is overwhelming, Grace overwhelms more!
John 1:17
“For the Law was given through Moses; grace and truth were realized through Jesus Christ.”
WOW Moment about God: (Day 3 page 59)
When you call upon the living God, you are calling on the same God that Abraham called upon. God has not grown older nor has He changed. No “time” has passed for Him.
Every time you take shelter in God, you are finding refuge in the same God that Moses did. The same God your mom or grandma prayed too; or any significant spiritual mentor that has passed on in your life, you are praying to that same precious Father. He held their hand and He is holding yours too! 
This makes me think of those movies or shows where someone shook the hand of someone famous and then did not want to wash their hands. We have been touched by the same God who touched George Washington, Billy Graham, Abraham, Issac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Peter, Paul…
Definition of Terms: (Day 4)
Repentance: “…turning from our inadequate ideas of God.” (We all often form them).
Faith: “…submitting our minds to God’s self-revelation.” (Pg 60) (God will reveal Himself to anyone who consistently and diligently seeks Him).
Sobering Thought:
During this pandemic, Moses’ situation certainly can give us perspective in God’s provision of unchanging hope, even when we are not seeing it or feeling it now!  “Moses was given the awful task of leading a generation of Hebrews in the wilderness until that generation died. These people were faced with a hopeless journey that ended in death. Days, months, and years passed while the land was being filled with their graves. It is easy to see Moses feeling a sense of purposelessness and despair. This is a significant help for us. The Christian life is often overrun with sorrows. Life can at times seem like a relentless march of mundane tasks with little hope of better days here on earth. How do you live with the eternal God at such times?”  You run to the same refuge that every man or woman of God has run to: Let God be your Home and Dwelling! 
During this pandemic, one of the solutions that has been propagated is “stay home”!  That has not worked very well. But when it comes to God: When He is the HOUSE, When He is the Refuge, you are inside an air tight and ETERNALLY solid SAFE PLACE!
Reality Check: (Day 5)
– We looked at in our study how short life is and what a reality this is for us…the greatest and most historical individual organization, nation or movement you can think of in human history is still just “withering grass”. 
– Psalm 90:7-8 reveals a reality check for us… Our sins are carried out before God’s very eyes. And since God is not “IN TIME”, He is not just going to be there…He is there. Here is the scary part of what that means:…unrepented sins are not in the past for God, they are ever before Him until we ask for forgiveness and repent! Wow!
A Prayer:
Lord Jesus, please return soon! LORD, as we await Your return, revive Your people in such a way that the joy they have in You will far outweigh the sorrows they have experienced from their lives of compromise. Work Father, in Your Church, in such a manner that the young people will see things about You that they can never forget, no matter how long they live! My hands are inadequate to rescue anyone. But take my weak labors for Your Kingdom and give them purpose for the now and years to come in the spiritual realm. In Jesus powerful name I pray. Amen