7Lesson7God Rules All

Week 7 Lesson 7 Knowing the God Who Rules All
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Avoiding God? 
As if that was possible!  But this subject this week in Lesson 7, I feel, is one of the #1 reasons people try to avoid God. They do not want anyone:
1. Telling them what they can and cannot do.
2. Ruling over them.
3. Telling them how to live.
4. Holding them ultimately accountable. (can’t blame someone else)
5. And most revealing of all, they do not want someone downplaying their role.  Isaiah 40:23-25 (Page 139 Day 1)
Like it or NOT…
God rules over all the universe.  He rules over angels, both holy and fallen. He rules over the great and the small people on this planet. He rules over every ethnic group and race. He rules over every empire, nation, and small village. He rules over young and old. He rules over Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Mormons, pagans, and atheists. Every person we have ever read about or met, rich or poor, great or small, is the proper subject of this one king!
Divine Assurance
When you know the King of ALL, you are glad He is the only one who is free to do all His perfect will.
We could wonder, “If God is King over all, why are things the way they are in the earth or in America or in my home etc…” But what we need to realize, is that time is relative to God. Consequences of mankind’s choices are unfolding all the time…some time from decades past. God is not distant, but He is not always rewarding people or nations with His Covenant presence either. But what we can know is…God still works mightily!  HOW? Through His Son Jesus and the Gospel!  Lives can be saved and transformed! We are tempted to look at the present circumstances and “judge” God’s sovereignty. But God’s timeless wisdom goes before our birth and beyond our death…and it always has and always will.  What we should look for is God’s hand working to change lives, still today, with the Power of the Gospel to SAVE – even in the midst of what is going on…HIS SAVING GRACE IS DOING A WORK!

No matter how bad things seem to be around us…God’s work is still happening!  His Gospel is still transforming lives.  His Saving work is still performing miracles even in you!  Don’t judge God’s work by the culture around you. He is on the throne whether our culture acknowledges Him or not!  Whether there is evidence of His rule in our direct view or not, the fact that HE RULES changes not! 
Divine Encounter With the KING of ALL:
Every human created will come to a realization that God is KING over All!  This meeting will either take place through God’s working in the heart and the preaching of the Gospel, or else it will certainly come at the JUDGEMENT! (when every knee will bow and every tongue confess).