Coronavirus News

We are now opening our Sanctuary for Service. Start time is 10:30AM and we will end around 11:30AM.  This will be done with extreme caution and with strict precautions. 
1. Please wear your mask and gloves if you feel comfortable doing so. You can bring your own mask or bandana, but we also have a good supply at the church; so we will provide one for you if you desire.  
2. Please arrive early enough to get parked and enter the Church building keeping more than 6 feet apart from others as they enter. 
3. Please Enter the building using all entrances, even if that means you come in a different entrance than usual, if you see several people entering the same entrance, use a different entrance.
4. Please do not linger in the hallway or foyer. Move as quickly as you can to the sanctuary to be seated in a section as the Ushers guide you. They will direct you to use every other pew, making sure you and your family are a safe difference from others.
5. Please honor our One at a Time Restroom precaution. The door will indicate if the restroom is being used. Please wait until that person is finished and then take your turn.
6. Please Use hand sanitizer on the wall in the foyer when needed. Our restrooms have a No Touch paper towel system.
7. During the Offering, you will not need to touch offering bags, just drop your tithe or offering envelope into the bag as Ushers come by. 
8. Pastor David and the Ushers will give clear instruction on how to exit when the service is over so that everyone is not trying to leave out at the same time (similar to the way it is done at funerals, a section at a time). 
We are excited about coming together, but please avoid shaking hands, speaking too close to others, even with masks, & no hugging.  Thank you for helping us stay as safe as possible. 
If you feel UNCOMFORTABLE returning at this time or you have a lung disease or a immune deficiency problem, you still have the option of watching live on Facebook Live. The link is below.  🙂
Click here to Watch: GFF Facebook Live
Our area of Martin county and several other NC counties have been deemed “red zones” for the level of infections we are experiencing. For this reason, please use extreme caution about 
Gov. Cooper has announced that we are in Phase 2.  Churches are apart of this based on leadership discretion, as long as we continue to honor the PRECAUTIONS!  North Carolina is currently (July) experiencing a surge in cases; so please use your best judgment but feel safe at Church as everyone participates in worshiping safely.
Below is some of our ARCHIVED NEWS, but can still be relevant. 🙂
Thursday, April 16th, President Trump, along with Vice President Pence and the Coronavirus Task Force, unveiled a plan to “re-open” America and the Economy.  They shared a 3 Phase plan that includes:
1. Phase One with everyone continuing to practice social distancing until at least May 15th. If you are sick, self quarantine for 14 days. If you go out where you will be around others, use face masks or bandana’s.  For Some States, who have not been impacted very much, those Governors may begin to re-open businesses; while continuing to put these social distancing measures in place within those businesses. Including some working at home, fewer people in offices, use of masks, gloves and remaining 6 ft. apart. And again, anyone sick, remaining at home.  Some restaurants may be open, with more space between tables and stricter instructions on how to enter and exit facilities. But Schools will remain closed. Continue to avoid being in groups or gatherings of more than 10 people. (However, the White House has also stated on their website today, April 17, that for some States, places of Worship could resume if they use strict social distancing and practice precautions; I would assume this would be similar to what we did at the beginning of all of this.) Gov. Cooper, of NC, has set a goal of May 9th to begin PHASE ONE for North Carolina. Stay tuned for more info.  WHITE HOUSE.GOV
2.  Phase Two will include many of the same requirements of Phase One, but will begin to open more business with the condition of testings being made for employees and possibly customers before being allowed to “get back to work” or enter certain places of businesses or services. This is for the purpose of making sure individuals are not carriers of the virus but are “a-symptomatic”. This could effect churches. But some of these details are still being determined. In Phase Two, the gatherings guideline rises to groups of 50 people or more. Testing seems to be a strong part of the condition for larger gatherings, arena’s, sporting events, Churches etc. to be able to resume/open. Schools will re-open in Phase Two.  
3.  Phase Three will involve getting back more to normal, except use of masks may continue to be necessary, depending upon the tracking information the CDC observes. Many of the Phase Three conditions will depend upon the State and the number of people still contracting the virus. But Phase Three will involve most States seeing most services and businesses getting back to normal. This will include the ability to visit nursing homes and hospitals, with the proper protection and precautions. The CDC will be more active in tracking patience who have tested positive and containment will be the emphasis; more than isolating everyone, just isolating those who are at greatest risk in areas where the virus is still active. Healthy individuals will be able to go about more normally, but they still advise washing hands, no shaking hands, use of masks in large gatherings.  Some of this may become the new normal.

Breaking News:
North carolina news:  the Gov. has issued a manditory stay at home order for any none essentials starting Monday, March 30th. Stay Safe and Well in Jesus name!
On March 27, The Senate and House passed a stimulus package that will bring relief to Families, individuals, small businesses, Hospitals, States, Airlines and more.  It will be the largest relief package ever and a first of its kind.  We don’t know what the lasting effects will be on the nation, but popular opinion is that it can’t be good long term.  But for now, as we find ourselves in the middle of a pandemic and many businesses have been forced to close and layoff workers, it is going to be a welcome help! Stay tuned for more.
During this Time Of uncertainty because of the Corona Virus or Covid-19…ChurchES have had to cancel regular meetings because of the potential of spreading this very contagious Virus that has caused a Pandemic in our Nation. 
But don’t loose heart.  – WE are here for you! 
If you are unable to attend church, we are providing a way for you to continue to stay connected.  Just make sure you have “Liked” our Grace Family Fellowship FACEBOOK page and you are all set.  If you need help navigating there or setting things up please let us know.  you can call Pastor David at 1-(252) 430-9491
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